Scrapbook: A photo organizer and storyteller

Scrapbook is a digital photo management program, or hopes to grow up to become one. It helps me and my wife keep track of our photos, associate captions, and build webpages. It's under development, but anyone wanting to try it out is welcome.

Scrapbook differs from most web photo albums by trying to associate captions and descriptions with pictures. This lets web pages tell more of a story than a thick grid of pictures.

Installing Scrapbook

First, download the source from the Sourceforge File page.

Scrapbook requires gdk_imlib, gtk+, and the corresponding development packages if you're using the versions that came with your distribution.

After that, it's just ./configure && make && make install

Using Scrapbook

To start scrapbook, type scrapbook directory. Scrapbook will start up and show a window with thumbnails of all the pictures in the directory. (Currently, Scrapbook doesn't recognize all image types. If you find a type I'm missing, file a bug.

Clicking on the thumbnail will bring up the image and its info in the right-hand pane. You can rename the file by changing the file name entry box and pressing Enter. You can change the caption and description... they'll be saved automatically when you change images.

This is bare-bones usage. I mean to put up some more info shortly, but I'd like to focus on making a file release.

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